Fifty-six million is not the population of a country. It’s not the number of those who died in World Wars I and II. It doesn’t represent the souls who perished in Asia and Europe from the Great Plague of the mid 1300’s or from the Spanish flu at the turn of the twentieth century. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization committed to advancing reproductive rights, which includes abortion, fifty-six million is the approximate number of deaths each year from induced abortions in the world from 2010 through 2014 (https://www.guttmacher.org/fact-sheet/induced-abortion-worldwide).


What Many Would Like to Ignore

You probably won’t hear these figures on the news or see them represented in graphical form in comparison to other top causes of death in the world. You’re more likely to hear about lives lost every year due to heart disease, stroke, pulmonary problems, etc., even though their number falls far short of that of abortion victims (https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/the-top-10-causes-of-death).

Abortion and Personhood

Some may dislike my use of the terms “deaths” and “victims” because they personify the unborn. I confess. They’re right! Many contend that personhood does not begin until the child leaves the womb and takes its first breath. However, did you know that when a single sperm enters an egg, the resulting zygote contains “all of the genetic information (DNA) needed to become a baby” (https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002398.htm)? A fertilized egg has enough genetic information to fill 1,206,980 single-sided sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper with the letters A, C, G, and T, which represent the four nucleotide bases of DNA (http://bio4.us/biotrends/human_genome_height.html). It just needs a chance to build on it!

Bible Examples

The Psalmist refers to the personhood of the unborn from the moment of conception when he says, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. … Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them” (Psalm 139:13-16). “Unformed substance” comes from the Hebrew noun GOLEM and refers to an embryo. A paraphrased version of verse sixteen might read: “You saw me even before I had a definite form; every day of my life was written in your book even before I took my first breath!”

God told the prophet Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” (Jeremiah 1:5). Luke tells us that “when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby [i.e. he who would later be referred to as John the baptist] leaped in her womb” (Luke 1:41,44). Even Jesus Christ began his miraculous incarnation as an embryo. From the moment of conception, he had all the genetic information needed to become a fully-developed human being in the physical sense.

The Right to Life Is For All!

On January 22, 2014, the 41st Anniversary of legalized abortion in the United States, President Obama stated that “…this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.” However, his “everyone” excluded unborn children. Should not these have the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill THEIR dreams? Pursuing one’s vision for the future while intentionally destroying another’s before it can take flight is the epitome of selfishness, no matter how many arguments are presented in its favor.

This is not merely a religious or “Christian” issue. It is a matter of whether or not the unborn child —a person— has a right to life. The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” If only if such “unalienable Rights” were extended to the unborn!

Why Most Choose Abortion

Most induced abortions in the world are performed not because of rape, incest, or because the mother’s life is in danger. No. In the vast majority of cases, the unborn child is surgically excised by medical professionals for the sake of convenience.

May God have mercy on the United States and other countries throughout the world where the most defenseless persons of the human race are heartlessly dismembered, poisoned, and discarded in trash cans, never to enjoy the loving embrace of their own kind.

–Jerry Falk